Aesthetics Of Exclusion


Bias is a collection of the mobile location data history of the artist Sjoerd ter Borg. Automatically downloaded Street View images of all the places he visited during a seven week residency in Seoul are sorted by visual comparison, showing clusters of similar aesthetics and his absence in a large part of the city. Is the artist equipped to make algorithms about a city he only has a limited view of?

Could we start to see the ‘filter bubbles’ (1) that are described within an online context, also existing in the way that we move through a city? Do these ‘clouds’ of streets and the interiors we consume as foreigners, completely differ for various groups of people who inhabit the same city? The data also shows an absence of movement in a large part of Seoul. Are designers equipped to train algorithms to look at a city when their view and experience is limited?


Bias by Sjoerd ter Borg
Programming by Jorrit Schaap & dr. Melvin Wevers.

  1. Pariser, Eli. 2011. The Filter Bubble: What the Internet Is Hiding from You. United Kingdom: Penguin Press