Aesthetics Of Exclusion

Aesthetics of Exclusion at ThingsCon

Aesthetics of Exclusion will be part of ThingsCon 2019 Friday the 13th of December in Het Nieuwe Instituut (Rotterdam). ThingsCon is a global initiative to explore and promote the development of fair, responsible, and human-centric technologies for the IoT and beyond. We create events, resources, publications and tools for a diverse community of practitioners to promote and implement better practices across IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning and related technology with a human impact.

The Hacking City
Adding a digital layer to the city collecting data, making our infrastructure responsive and generating new forms of participatory design, will become an intelligent layer. Autonomous things, decentralised systems, it all is becoming part of a potential city AI. Will the city become an intelligent creature on its own, will it take autonomous decisions, steer the citizens more than the citizens steer the city? The first iteration is the role of the autonomous objects and the intelligent services we need to use the city. We are not ourselves deciding what our path is, we are ruled by the mapping engines of Google leading us through the most dirty alleys. The city is hacking our life. The city is licensing its services to us.
In this session we like to discuss this possible future of the smart city and what to do about it. Who is ruling who?

Host & speakers
This workshop is curated by Iskander Smit and Martijn de Waal and moderated by Gerd Kortuem, professor of IoT at TU Delft. Panellists/speakers are:

Sjoerd ter Borg; designer and artist
Kars Alfrink; designer and researcher TU Delft
Naomi Schiphorst; architect with focus on smart environments
Tessa Steenkamp; experience designer at Unsense

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